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There is one great celestial being waiting to connect with you. It is the greatest part of your being. Each of us is projected into the world via the power of this being.  For me, this being in the Buddha-Thoth-Odin lineage of power.  I tap into and evolve from my connection with this lineage. There are millions of such lineages in creation. Elemental, djinn, fairy, god, demigod, dragon, Immortal, and a host of other lineages that we cannot even name here.  All of you are connected to and derived from one or more of these lineages.  

The Celestial Cross is a connecting point between your highest being and your human self.  In the way that a cross is an intersection between a descending line and a horizontal line, you exist as a concomitant creation between celestial and human forces.  The Celestial Cross brings the forces together so that you will have a clearer, stronger, and more forceful divine presence in the world.  Whatever you lineage, it will sing through your being more clearly while you wear this cross.  This cross is a replica of a 70 foot celestial cross in the capitol city in the Celestial World.  The Celestial Cross of the Celestial World was created to bind all celestial beings together across time and space.  

When you wear your cross, you become one with all your selves in a much more meaningful and tangible way. Taking in sunlight while you wear your celestial cross will help you get new energy and information from the sun and the stars beyond our domain.

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