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When a human is born into the physical world, they are given three birth charts. The planetary birth chart is best known on this world and is used extensively by practitioners. The planetary birth chart governs the abiding physical body and the current incarnation only. It has no power or connection to the higher worlds. They are also given a celestial birth chart that is contains the power of higher consciousness and the divine form that guides multiple lives and incarnations.

We are also given a divine chart. It guides billions of inter-dimensional lifetimes that we may choose from. The celestial pendant connects the physical birth chart, the celestial birth chart, and the divine chart so that one may enjoy a clear stream of power from the higher worlds down to the physical world. The energy of this pendant guides your consciousness to live the highest and happiest lives that you are destined to experience. The stone is composed of a divine celestial pattern that is empowered by two blessed gems.

The pendant features an integrated loop ring to wear with your favorite necklace and measures approximately 1-1/2" wide.

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Depth: 0.50
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